10% of all sale goes to help Children's Incorporated and Charity Water please help us feed and supply clean water to our fellow humans!





 Let us help you start growing today we have kits that are reusable and supplies for you to reorder when you need them. Hemp mats and seeds available plus emergency seed supply kits coming soon.



 We offer your own grow at home kits to anyone who would like to try these NON-GMO seeds and have more food security growing your own it takes only 12 days start to finish.


The Nutritional Value for Microgreens is off the charts, their concentrate amounts of vitamins and minerals and are up to 40% more than their larger counterparts. 

Paired with any dish, (either eaten raw, slightly cooked or baked) not only does it give you a boost of nutrients it will super charge you and your family's health.

All Microgreens are grown inside Vertical Farming, all Seeds are

Non-GMO and grown on Hemp Fiber Mats.

They are watered without using any  fertilizers or pesticides .The Water used is PH balanced, Filtered and Oxygenated.

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