We Grow for Restaurants and home consumers and anyone who would like to try these tiny vegetables bursting with flavor and enhancing any dish.

To all Chef's please email us and set an appointment 

so we can drop off samples and discuss pricing and standing orders.

The Nutritional Value for Microgreens is off the charts, their concentrate amounts of vitamins and minerals are much more than their larger counterparts. Small and compact your taste buds will experience an amazing and robust taste of flavors.

Paired with any dish, (either eaten raw, slightly cooked or baked) not only gives you a boost of nutritional value but the taste and flavors is something your tongue and taste buds will likely remember and savor for the next use of these nutritious and delicious Microgreens.

All Microgreens are grown inside Vertical Farming, all Seeds are

Non-gmo and grown on Hemp & Coconut Fiber Mats.

They are watered without using any  fertilizers or pesticides .The Water used is PH balanced, Filtered and Oxygenated.

Experimenting with new food choices like Microgreens can be so much Fun, You get to cook like a Chef by using exotic and familiar flavors.

All the while by giving yourself a boost of needed trace vitamins and minerals to enhance your diet.  

Northernkind LLC. Company