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Growing Instructions

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What to do on the First Day, soak the mat for 2 minutes until wet, gently place seeds of Basic Salad Mix on the Fiber Mat, spread evenly, do not overlap and spray lightly top of tray and cover it. (broccoli, kale, arugula, red cabbage, kohlrabi)

Day 3.JPG

This is what your Microgreens should look like on the Fifth (5) day, they must be wet but not soaked and do not let them dry out, that's why you must check on them once in morning and then once in the evening.

Day 2 of germination.JPG

On Third (3) day this is how they should look, Each day you will lightly spray them, once in the morning & once in the evening, never point the spray bottle directly at the Microgreens, just give them a light mist, and then mist top of tray and cover it.

Day 4.JPG

This is what your Microgreens should look like by the Seventh (6) day, after misting them in evening water 1/4 cup and make sure they soak and remove top tray.

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Your first night and for a few nights this is what your Microgreens look like, it is important to having seeds being in a moist, dark place.

Day 5.JPG

On the eighth day check and water once a day until the 12th day.

4-four-5 x 5 containers use 1/4 cup per day

8-eight 5 x 5 container use 1/2 cup per day.

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This is what your Microgreens should look like by Twelfth (12) day ready to eat. To harvest, cut stems gently and place them on paper towels to be put in a food container in your refrigerator, they have a shelf life of 5-6 days. Eat fresh and Enjoy !!